The next phase in the construction of the American social credit system has begun.

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Roughly 30% of Democrats believe the 2020 Presidential election was fraudulent. So do 75% of Republicans. The Biden regime had a problem until a guy in a buffalo costume posed for a photo op in the capitol building.

You see, if there is one thing that can be taken from the 2020 election fiasco it is this:

Americans will never be allowed to legitimately audit their elections.

Candidates for President are not supposed to demand an authentic vote count. But, candidates for President are usually pre-selected to ensure this isn’t an issue. …

“Wokism is the dominant ideology in America — not by poll numbers but by action.”

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Conservative social media is buzzing about the latest open call for violence against supporters of President Trump. The newest threat comes from Democratic state representative Cynthia Johnson (MI).

Despite the high profile status of Johnson, this won’t be a major story beyond the Conservative bubble. It shouldn’t be, it’s old news.

The Democratic party has been openly encouraging physical confrontation with its opponents for years. …

An Opportunity For Necessary Change

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On August 4th, 2020, Jesse Sharkey (President of the Chicago Teachers Union) retweeted a link to Mitchell Robinson’s article : An Open Letter to Teachers as the Fall of Covid Approaches.

The article assures teachers that although parents will be angry about schools not conducting in-person classes, the anger is actually caused by subconscious frustration about a lack of government action regarding other issues:

We can’t get our recycling picked up regularly, but we can tell the school board president that we don’t like the new reading program.

In fact, Robinson pushed aside any concern parents may have about their…

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The future will be Woke and that isn’t likely to be a good thing. Here’s why.

Weaponized Empathy

In 1951 Solomon Asch conducted his now infamous Asch Conformity Experiment. The results of this experiment revealed something probably not shocking to most people:

Human beings give in to social pressure

In fact, they reliably give in to even minor social pressure. The experiment was set up as a vision study in which participants would be asked very easy questions with an obvious correct answer.

However, only 1 of the participants was not aware of the true purpose of the experiment. The other participants…

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There is nothing more damaging to the well-being of Americans than the university system as it currently exists. An incestuous ménage à trois between academia, government, and corporate interests have created a predatory system in which income inequality has sky-rocketed and racial disparities are carefully maintained. At the root of the dysfunctional American society lies the degree requirement.

The Death of Meritocracy & The Maintenance of Racial Disparity

There exists a very clear hierarchy within academia that we as a society accept without question - the individual who gets into Harvard will be granted better opportunities than the random high-school valedictorian who attends a state school on a full scholarship…

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